Progressive Development

Belleville has a beautiful waterfront and we need to continue to develop it. The riverside parking lot is not the best use for that prime property.

The Downtown has much to offer and when rejuvenated will promote more business on Front Street and along the Moira river.
People live downtown in a vibrant city. We need to encourage this by supporting commercial and residential development downtown.

Street downtown Belleville

2 thoughts on “Progressive Development”

  1. We are wondering what your plan would be for the Belleville Bulls? Also who would be the mayor you could work with?

  2. Hi Gord and Betty,

    Thank you for contacting me.
    The Belleville Bulls are a great brand to have associated with our city. I would like to see City Council negotiate with the OHL, the franchise owner, local businesses and neighbouring communities to find a solution that would see the Bulls remain without imposing an additional tax burden on the citizens of Belleville.
    There are seven contenders for the mayor’s position and I have met with all of them. I would have no issue working with whomever got elected. My discussions with each have been frank and honest.
    Again, thank you for your engagement in the municipal election.

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